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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tulsa State Fair

It's 1:33 a.m. and I just got home from my date with Jack. We went out to the Tulsa State Fair tonight and walked around for about 3 hours (after driving around looking for a place to park for 30 minutes!). We had a good time. I bought 6 new Italian Charms for my bracelet. I ate a Cheese on a Stick, had a lemonade and later ate a pork chop sandwich with Head Country BBQ Sauce on it. Yum!

We sat down to watch the free concert by Katherine McPhee, but weren't too impressed with her, so we left after the first song.

After we left the fair, we drove out to Riverspirit Casino to listen to a band called Another Alibi. The bass player is one of my co-worker's son-in-law. They were really good!  I've been trying to catch one of their shows, but hadn't been able to until tonight.  We got there for the last 3-4 songs of their first set. Jack was really impressed and couldn't believe how good they were. We ended up staying for 2 more sets. They are a cover band that plays Classic Rock. I'll definitely try to go see them again.  It was also entertaining watching people get up and dance. Some were really good, others were pretty funny! We decided we weren't in the mood to dance, but the music was awesome!

Jack's 50th birthday is Tuesday, so I'm cooking him a lasagna dinner tomorrow. He loves my lasagna recipe, and is always asking for it, so that's my gift to him this year. He took me out to eat for my birthday at my favorite place, Lambert's, in Ozark, MO.

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