Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy 50th Jack!

Tomorrow, Oct. 5th, is my good friend, Jack McKenzie's 50th birthday! I fixed him a huge pan of my lasagna tonight, along with salad and garlic cheese bread. He kept saying, "I'm stuffed" as he went back for more! LOL! I didn't get around to fixing anything for dessert. I'll come up with something tomorrow. We were too stuffed for dessert tonight anyway. He started partying early (this past Saturday) for his 50th birthday, like I did for mine. :o)  Another friend took him out to lunch on Saturday, then we went to the Tulsa State Fair that night, and out to Riverspirit to listen to a really great band, Another Alibi. Next Saturday, Marcus, Lesa and I are taking him out for dinner for his birthday, too, so he gets to celebrate all week!  =)  Happy 50th Birthday Jack!

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