Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I had a really nice day off today. The City of Tulsa Public Works dept woke me up this morning when they came to fix the water leak in my driveway. I had to go move my car. We didn't know if the leak was in my driveway or my neighbor's yard, because it was all wet. So they started digging up her yard and worked their way south to my driveway. Turns out it was right in the middle of my driveway! I left around 12:30 and they were still trying to fix the leak. When I got home this evening I had a new gravel driveway. They put gravel on the entire 2-car driveway (which actually holds 4 cars) all the way up to the house, which I've been needing for a long time and couldn't afford. It's really nice now!

I went to a baby shower at Nicole's house for her friend, Whitney, who just had a baby boy. After the shower Kiamitia and I helped Nicole get into her Halloween costume for the party she and Clay were going to tonight. They went as Marge & Homer Simpson. Her costume turned out really cute. Didn't get to see Clay in his, he wasn't getting ready until the last minute.

After I got home, I went out to eat at Cracker Barrel with Jack then we went to Promenade Mall to walk around and he did some Christmas shopping. Now I'm exhausted! Ha!

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